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Saahil Bhargava – Umbra (Karnivool Cover) – Score Indie Reviews

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Saahil Bhargava is a music artist known for his storytelling in music and having been influenced by broadway and musical theater in his foundational years; Cinematic Rock would be an apt way to describe his music. 

He recently received two nominations alongside the likes of Yo-Yo Ma and Paul McCartney at the prestigious Los Angeles Shorts International Film Festival. 

Riding high on the success of his debut EP Ronin, Saahil Bhargava just released an unexpected treat for his fans and the universe of Karnivool fans. 

Saahil Bhargava’s acoustic rendition of Umbra is a song from Karnivool’s second full-length record, Sound Awake. The stripped-down version of the iconic track beautifully showcases his singing and composing prowess. 

While Saahil’s rendition of Umbra encapsulates the same emotion, it’s very distinct from the original and adds Saahil’s unique musical taste. 

Talking about his version of Umbra, Saahil Bhargava says, “I’ve always been a big fan of Karnivool and I just wanted to give my own spin because their music has been a big influence on my original music.  I started releasing my own music a year ago and I thought revisiting Karnivool, especially this track, would really be interesting yet challenging. It began as a lockdown experiment, but I am excited to have filmed a video and finally put it out for everyone to hear.”

The release is accompanied by an aesthetic music video where Saahil Bhargava is seen performing the song, capturing the essence of alienation and loneliness beautifully. 

Saahil Bhargava’s singing abilities are quite extensive. He can summon incredible intensity in his notes and be at equal ease while delivering some delicate tenderness a few seconds later. 

“Umbra” is a great Karnivool track and Saahil Bhargava has presented it with his distinctive musical sensibilities of sentimental candour, transcendent melancholy, and a lot of passion. 

Even though this is an unplugged version, it doesn’t make the performance any less electric. The emotions just flow through this track like a river. Quench your thirst.

Verdict: Beautiful.

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