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Rupa & The April Fishes in Mumbai!

Multilingual & varying in musical influences too, their sound is culturally SWEEET! Get acquainted with International Jazz act, Rupa & The April Fishes who are in Mumbai this evening!

Safa Shokrai, the bearded bard on upright bass.

Misha Khalikulov, Russian boy wonder on cello.

Rob Reich, the dexterous dude on accordion duty. 

Mario Silva, being Miles Davis, playing the trumpet. 

Aaron Kierbel, sporting the beret and providing percussion.

[youtube_video id=IkpuAQIdoD4]

Together with the activist-doctor-guitarist-singer extraordinaire Rupa Marya, they form a school – Rupa and the April Fishes! According to their website – “Their music is strictly organic, nuclear-free, post-nation, many-headed and decidedly unclean.”

They’re diverse. They’re unique. They’re artsy (maybe slightly dark artsy). They sing in French, Spanish, English and others. They’re funky and they’re funny.  They hail from San Francisco. But no, they’re not your pretentious hipster-types. At least, I’m keeping that kind of prejudice at bay, until I get to meet them. And get to know them. Schmooze a bit (and maybe booze a bit too) and watch them play. Live. TONIGHT! Blue Frog Mumbai, 10:00 pm onwards. 

[youtube_video id=kFdJkuie3EE]

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