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Rohan Raveesh’s Guitar Prowess is Rightly Demonstrated in this Delightful Single ‘Retro Overide’ – Indie Score Reviews

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‘Retro Overide’ is the latest single from Rohan Raveesh, an indie artist based in Bangalore. This singer, songwriter, and guitarist/producer is known to make music that fuses the components of varied genres like Metal, Carnatic, and LoFi, to name a few. He also started a new genre called Carnatic-LoFi, which fuses the depth of Carnatic music and the vibe of LoFi creations. Basing his songs on personal experiences, Rohan uses his surroundings to craft songs expressing the self. 

He recently released a four-song EP which combines his love of different genres. He wants to delve further into Sanskrit and English music space. He has even written ‘Eko devaha’ following the same, an ode to the omnipresent God that resides everywhere. 

The commencing seconds of the song ‘Retro Overide’ show the prowess of Rohan when it comes to commanding the guitar to his beats, and the music is energetic and compelling. As the metal notes conclude, the singer’s smooth voice greets the listener with amazing lyrics that deal with the journey of life. He emphasises both good and bad in life. But both phases pass, and the person emerges like a rising phoenix. It illustrates that enjoying the ride and not missing out on the spectacular view is important. 

The lyrics are simple yet have a hidden meaning behind them, making the listener hopeful for better times. The music arrangement is superb, flowing seamlessly around the lyrics and vocals. The vocals falter in a few bits, but the song is so amazing that it masquerades any flaws, or maybe because they are so minute. Overall, this solid track finds weightage in its musical composition and an effort to deviate from the masses.

Verdict: Electric, Hopeful, Musical.

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