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Robbie Williams’ Solo Tour!

Come 2012, Britpop sensation Robbie Williams will be battling against his personal demon of crippling stage fear to launch a solo tour.

Frankly, you wouldn’t Robbie Williams to be a retiring sort of chap. Considering that his magnum opus music video consists of him stripping nude while a bunch of anxious nymphets coo for him. 

[youtube_video id=TGelsMOIJZY]

But in a situation dripping with irony, the insanely popular singer ( he holds the guinness record for most tickets sold in one day. 1.6 million in one day, if you were wondering) has been paralyzingly afraid of the stage all his life. He has said that the feeling is so strong that he has considered canceling shows altogether. As in 2006 when he scrapped the ‘Close Encounters’ world tour and checked into rehab soon after.

But the singer was ‘humbled’ by his fans reaction to his return to Take That, and he wants to return to touring, a source revealed. While it is unlikely that this will be close to the magnitude of his other tours, pagdis off to Williams for his courageous stance. 

The UFO enthusiast singer is also working with Gary Barlow on a new album slated late 2011. the yet unnamed album has his new single ‘Candy’.

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