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Rise Of The Singh-ams

After Singh is King, Akshay Kumar continues Singh Supremacy with Speedy Singhs, a Desi Canadian flick that, going by the trailers, is a celebration of Sardar stereotypes.

Speedy Singhs is on our page why? Because it features an all out hip hop/Bhangra OST! As Desi as it gets, eh?

The soundtrack has the talents of hip hop artist Bohemia (remember Chandni Chowk To China?), RDB – Rhythm Dhol Bass (the raucous Aloo Chat), Rishi Rich & J-Hind. Ludacris & Drake are rumoured to be guest starring in the same movie.  Would not be surprised if they broke out into vehement raps about international brotherhood in da hood. 

[youtube_video id=TF-dVB7T95Q]
The original Desi Girls. And WHOA is that Rob Lowe?

Like I suspected. Nothing like a pack of roaring Surds to get your Desi on. Also, am I the only one seeing the not so subliminal identity crisis with the whole Surds in black? This film is going to be a racist’s nightmare. A confusing nightmare.

Let us now watch the trailer of the movie.

[youtube_video id=xFlzYCkRG5M] 

Ok WHOA, creepy casting choice. Camilla BelleKatrina Kaif döppelgänger much?! Coincidence? I think not. Akshay Kumar, someone being a lucky charm is one thing but seriously, broaden vision horizons please. 

But a welcome addition to the cornucopia, funny man Russell Peters. 

Yet another movie that has the unsuspecting foreigner believe that all Indians lapse into Balle Balle & fierce patriotism while cherishing family values and honour at all times. Promising.

The international moniker is Breakaway & its set to hit screens end of September.


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