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Rendezvous with Indeep Bakshi!

Tell us how you started your journey as a musician.

Academically, I come from ‘Architect’ background but always loved singing. It all began eventually because I studied about buildings, designs and construction but had a good hobby of writing poems or quirky lines which made me to think to get into music industry. I tried experimenting with my voice when I was young and as I had my writing samples and talent to write poems which provoke me to sing professionally also. My writings needed just a touch of tunes or ‘surr’.

And when I saw today’s generation enjoying music be it of any kind that encouraged me to continue with my decision of entering into singing. All I needed is music, tunes and raps which were combined with my song ‘Saturday Saturday’ and you see; it went on to become a blockbuster hit amongst youth and everyone. Singing came naturally to me and I’ve spent years honing that ability.

Honestly speaking, I made Saturday Saturday song in masti and as it got so much love from everyone then yes I felt really good as my hardwork worked and I have given something which is a brand in itself now. -‘Saturday boy Indeep Bakshi’.  It got hit only because it was according to the taste of the youth which was my main motto.

You have given some party hits in Bollywood which made in to the chart busters. How did that come about?

I used to hear international and bollywood music both, then I try recreating bollywood music by putting my own music in it. It was my friend’s birthday so we were all partying, suddenly I got this idea of composing a song for her, Uski ek baat hoti thi, every Saturday party karni hai! I used to tease her ki Saturday Saturday karti raheti hai and then there was no looking back. I made a rough dummy of that track and my friend encouraged me to release it. Then I met Badshah bhai and did it professionally. Moreover, Saturday was a tease for a girlfriend which converted into a huge song. The song was actually an experiment with the hip-hop style. I am young and wanted to try out different genres in music. It so happened that the response was extremely positive after this song.

It was only by chance that Karan Johar was looking for a peppy number for his movie and he heard my song thus decided to include it in his movie ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’

Firstly when I got call from the biggest production house that we want your song in a bollywood movie, I thought this is someone faking around but when I got an official mail from Dharma Productions then was the moment when my dream comes true. This made my passion as my profession, so whatever I am today is because of Saturday Saturday and known as Saturday boy Indeep Bakshi.

Kala Chashma Unfortunately, Zee Music and Dharma Productions missed on giving the song credit to me since they were unaware of the fact that the Rap was written by me and the rap was earlier used in my song ‘Don’t Look At Me’ which was done with Badshah itself.

I was at my place when I received a call from my team, saying that my rap had released in Zee Music’s new song ‘Kala Chashma’. I was really happy to hear the news because I had sung that portion for them just a couple of months ago. While the happiness was just building up I learnt that my name wasn’t mentioned in the credits. This was when I called up Zee Music to explain what had happened. They realised the same and added my name in the credits in no time. Everything happened in 15 minutes and I am really grateful to the team at Zee Music.

So my journey has been a roller coaster ride but am building up myself and ready to give many more tracks in Bollywood in the days. Its just the starting there is more to come and my music is future as it is FUNJABI.

Your recent music video Bad Wali Feeling has a crazy 4.2M views. Can you tell a little more about what inspired you to make this song?

It happened all a sudden when I got a call from a production house and they asked for my track ‘Paheli Bari Ki’ which was to be shot with one and only Sunny Leone for the movie ‘Tina and Lolo’ so it was then when I used the phrase in front of my friends that ‘Bhai bad wali feeling aa rahi hai ab’ so all a sudden I penned it down and started working on it. After I finished composing and putting music in it, I met Neha Kakkar in Mumbai there I made her go through this track and she loved it. We worked together and came out with this track ‘Bad Wali Feeling’ having vocals of Neha Kakkar too in it.

My songs are my baby so as the baby grows you feel happy and when the baby is a grownup one then you see their success. Similarly my songs are for me and the track ‘Bad Wali Feeling’ has given immense response which still being loved by everyone who takes this track as a stress buster because my music and lyrics are the stress busters what I produce is based on the daily life.

This song has an adult certificate and the video content is strictly 18+. This song is in another genre of RNB mix only like Saturday Saturday was first house music.

For this particular song i have shot the video for 3 times as I was not satisfied with the kind of video I wanted. At last the final video was shot in Dubai with a lot of entertainment in it.

You are an architect by profession. Did you always know that music was a part of you and wanted to pursue it?

Yes always as since starting my passion was Music and Architect was my profession. I did worked for sometime as an architect so that I can complete my passion and slowly and steadily convert music into my profession I could have taken support from my family but I don’t wanted to do that so to be independent I did a bit of struggle to take music as my profession.

Whenever I use to work on architect based projects, music was always in mind and I used to capture it in my mind and transfer it into a music file whenever I get free from my official work.

What inspires you to write music?

My lyrics are very conversational, and I write them to cater to the youth and the way that youngsters talk today and my music style is mostly R&B.

Inspiration is as such my first sad song ‘Tere Liye’ which came in the movie ‘Delhi wali zalim girlfriend’. This track was not to sale and nor was meant to be released, the song was one of an incident of my life which happened out be my bad in a relationship and I wrote this song when I was in Shimla. At that time I wrote 2 songs one is ‘Tere Liye’ and other one is ‘2 AM’ which soon to be released.

‘Tere Liye’ was bought by T-Series after they heard my track which was set as my ringtone. Also another song which came was ‘Billionaire‘and was based out of my real life story which lately Raftaar gifted me at the launch.

Tell us your best performance so far and why?

CEOL festival was my first live in concert in Delhi which gathered a good number of crowd. It was a dream performance where I got so much love from the fans that it took 3 hours for me to get free from the vanity van because I was busy clicking photos with the fans there. I was ill that day and was scared that how will I perform but as soon as i got on the stage my power for performing was doubled as I could hear the noise ‘Indeep –Indeep’…….. Everyone there was cheering up and was so excited to see me live.

I was obliged by seeing such a fan love and that made my day which still gives me goosebumps.

Do you think there is a lot of space for Independent artists in India to get bigger?

Yes, there is and its only because of Honey Singh and I really appreciate that he is the one who has open the space for independent artists in the Bollywood industry as well a sthe singles they come up with. Its only because of Honey bhai that each independent artist is being recognized now.

Now days the songs which are coming in Bollywood are of independent artist only and the demand of such songs is growing steadily.

What is your message for aspiring musicians?

For them, just trust yourself and keep doing the good work and always pursue your ambition with full sincerity and honesty. Never take anything for granted and never make assumptions based on rumours. Respect everyone who give you respect back.

Also, Well I won’t try to sound preachy, but never give up on your dream. You need to have confidence in yourself even if others stop believing in you. Don’t let anyone put you down, and most of all, don’t put yourself down. Everyone has the potential of becoming a great musician, but it takes a lot of commitment, honesty and focus to get there. You have to have passion when you play in order for your music to truly speak. Don’t be a musician to get famous or rich or a pin-up model, do it because you look upto the singers of the 80’s and 90’s and aspire to be like them one day. You can never get there if you don’t keep trying. Lastly don’t let critics get to you and decide whether you are to make a mark or retire from the industry. Listen to your inner voice and let your intuition guide you.

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