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Rediscovering Great Music: The Nervous 90’s

1994, the year Canadian R&B and pop singer Justin Beiber was born, A certain little band called Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers released this song.

[youtube_video id=3HNMpd4tR6c]

And proving that your parents listened to better music than you ever will, it instantly reached the top of the US and Canadian charts.

It was the lead single from the Heartbreaker’s album Wallflower, which Rolling Stone puts at number 12 of their greatest albums of all time

The funny thing is, this was not an album that sounds like a lot of effort went into. Petty sounds relaxed, almost to the point of carelessness. And all the songs, while being brilliant in their own right.

No more talking though, give this one a listen.. and lament for the sorrowful state of what passes as music today.

And as a parting shot, enjoy this psychedelic video, where there’s a very hot girl. And a surprise.

[youtube_video id=9TlBTPITo1I]

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