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Funk and R&B Vibes collide in Raj Pandit’s Vibe: Score Indie Reviews

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Merchant Records, the label under the composer duo of Salim-Sulaiman, has been launching new talents since the past few days across various genres. A recent example is Raj Pandit who helms a dance track called Vibe.

Produced and sung by Pandit, it’s instantaneously cheery with undertones of electro-funk riffs adorning a commercial pop sound. The lyrics are pretty simple and straightforward in its approach towards “old-school romance” but that is overshadowed with the production as well as Pandit’s buttery smooth vocals.

A slight electronic tinge in his voice props up during the chorus, making the melody catchier. All in all, Vibe might definitely appeal to listeners seeking a peppy number that somehow sounds like a modern Bollywood love song (but one that isn’t really Bollywood). 

Furthermore, in today’s age of Instagram reels trends, such upbeat songs would easily find a good-enough listener base. After all, Vibe is accompanied with a visual where Raj Pandit grooves to his own song, choreographed by Shazeb Sheikh. Pandit’s track is effortlessly catchy in that sense. 

With that being said, Vibe does sound a bit derivative in its approach. This might still work for some while others might nitpick if they’re looking for a new pop sound. As mentioned earlier, with such production, one would expect slightly less formulaic lyrics. But then, considering that Vibe would fall under the pop genre for many, the easygoing lyrical elements might be what’s required for the intended demographic.

In a more positive sense, the blend of R&B and synth-driven pop in Vibe can also be compared to the work of singers like Armaan Malik (in his non-film ventures) and Arjun Kanungo. So, if you’re into the discography of the latter two artists, then you should give Vibe a listen.

Verdict: A vibey mood enhancer.

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