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Quirks & Queries: Shakthisree Gopalan – Score Short Reads

Quirks & Queries: Shakthisree Gopalan – Score Short Reads

Tell us about the making of Nee Podhumey and how has the track been received by your audiences.

Nee Podhumey was written during the lockdown when our whole world shrunk down to the 4 walls we call home and the people who we hold close to our heart. 

Sometimes we realise that this is all we need – and that was the inspiration that lead to “Nee Podhumey” 

We have received some really amazing responses and it feels incredible to hear from people from different parts of the world, who have heard and connected to the song. This project is very close to my heart – I’ve written, composed and produced this song – I had the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented dear friends in bringing this song to life, so all the responses and love that the song has been receiving really means a lot.

Shakthisree Gopalan

In a highly competitive industry, what do you do to stay relevant and ahead of the curve?

The industry might be competitive, but as an artist and an individual i feel like we. are all on our own path of self discovery and evolution. 

It is this process of growth and pushing my own boundaries that excites me. 

I find it meaningful to allow myself to explore, experiment and not hold back, while working at getting better at my craft and myself everyday. 

I don’t really think of whether it will get me ahead of the curve or whether it keeps me relevant – but i certainly find it fulfilling.  

If there are 3 artists you would love to collaborate with, who would they be and why?

Pharrrell Williams, Finneas and Daft Punk – all incredible producers and storytellers. I absolutely love their work.

What do you do to maintain your vocal health?

What i’ve come to realise through my experience is that it is more important to eat at regular intervals than avoiding ice cream or spicy food, etc. 

Skipping meals can lead to acid reflux which can be damaging to the throat and the voice. Another thing that is really important, is good sound sleep and rest.  

I guess our moms know best when they tell us – if you sleep well and eat properly, it will take care of everything. I have been doing yoga, eating clean and healthy as much as possible and I find it makes a huge difference. When your body is in good health, your voice and your mind will be in better health as well.

Shakthisree Gopalan

How do you leverage the digital platforms to connect with your audiences?

I started using social media mainly as a way to share memories and special moments with friends. I feel like I now have more friends with whom I can share special memories and experiences with – be it cool new music that I’ve recently come across or some special updates in my life or with music.  Digital platforms are a great tool and especially this past year it has been instrumental in keeping us all connected. In the absence of live public concerts, digital platforms have helped me stay connected with audiences – be it through online live streaming events, curated online concerts or casual live events and conversations.

3 pieces of equipment you cannot live without and why?

I don’t know – phone, laptop and a good pair of headphones maybe?

I can live without them, but they would probably rank highest in terms of priority – equipment wise. 

What are some of your biggest learnings amid the new normal?

It’s been a whole year now but I still find it difficult to call it the new normal – it is still abnormal. Biggest learning has been that we have all been living a life of excess. We need so little, but we consume so much. I really hope that we take the effort and time to make things right – with the environment, with the planet, and with people.

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