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Quirks & Queries: Kavya Trehan

You’re in your car with friends on a road trip. What music would you be playing in your car?

I would probably be playing my current favourite, Smerz.

What’s the story behind MOSKO?

A short one – people from different backgrounds, musicalities and food preferences coming together to experiment with sound and have a blast on stage.

What is the future of the Indian music scene that you wish to see happen?

I wish there is a massive increase in the amount of ears that are eager for new and original music – supported by a strong infrastructure consisting of PR companies only dedicated to musicians, really good management in order to nurture artists and labels supporting the talent our industry has.

Tell us about your love for anime/manga and how it affects your music.

Anime has been a source of escape into a world that allows imagination to take over – and that’s the influential element helping us to always be creative and energetic.

Who is your favourite artist across all art forms in India and why?

My sister, Khyati Trehan – Not only is she multi-talented but she’s always surprising me with her work and I get to learn a lot from her.

Does being a musician come with a responsibility to speak against social issues? 

I personally feel, being a musician comes with a responsibility to express yourselves truthfully – one is always free to choose what they must talk about.

What should the music scene in our country represent, according to Kavya?

It should rep authenticity and originality.

On the note of celebrating women this month, who are your favourite women in the music industry?

Sarah Chawla, Sandunes, Raja Kumari – and so so so many more!

Your ideal playlist for winding down after a long day?

The entire album – Process by Sampha.

If you could be an anime character who would you want to be?

Mikasa Achermann, Attack on Titan.

Rapid fire

  1. Favourite band – The Japanese House
  2. Favourite track – Radio Silence – James Blake
  3. Best music festival to play at – Weekender
  4. Favourite anime – Deathnote
  5. Favourite Mosko track – You don’t even know
  6. ‎Favourite venue to play at – Oddbird Theatre, Delhi


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