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Product Shout-Out: T8S and T4S ToneMatch® Stereo Mixers by Bose Professional

Compact stereo mixers without compromise, the T8S and T4S are the ultimate on-stage companion for performing artists.

Bose Professional has extended the ToneMatch® audio engine series with the powerful new eight-channel T8S
ToneMatch mixer and the four-channel T4S ToneMatch mixer, representing the next generation of the ToneMatch line and offering unprecedented connectivity with intuitive control.

Compact and portable, both the T8S and T4S are gig-ready. Craig Jackson, Product Line Manager for Bose Professional, remarks, “Typically you need to invest in larger, more complicated consoles to get the audio quality and powerful effect engine in the new ToneMatch mixers. Performers value audio quality and options, but we know that in- performance usability, portability and reliability are just as important.” Their rugged enclosures  have a protective, magnetically-coupled cover to protect controls and connectors. A chassis-bottom insert allows the use of standard mounting accessories to keep the mixers in reach during performances.

T8S ToneMatch Mixer:
The performer-focused and compact eight-channel T8S ToneMatch Mixer is intuitive to operate, with illuminated, stage-friendly tactile controls, an easy-to- read display and scene recall. ToneMatch processing presets with the powerful and advanced DSP engine (including studio-quality effects and Bose zEQ equalization, which redefines low, mid and high ranges for each ToneMatch preset) making it easy for musicians to take control of their music. When used with Bose® L1® and F1 systems, the T8S provides full end-to- end tonal optimization.

Each T8S channel has dedicated ToneMatch, EQ, dynamics and effects. The T8S effects includes compressor, limiter, de-esser, noise gate, chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, delay and reverb functions. Tap tempo delay and a chromatic tuner are built-in. Aux send 1 has a dedicated reverb of its own while a master output EQ helps compensate for venue acoustics.

The T8S offers high-density connectivity unparalleled in a small digital stereo mixer. Eight high-quality audio preamps with XLR-combo jacks accommodate microphones or instruments, with switchable phantom power. Two Aux inputs allow for additional source inputs. Outputs include four aux sends, balanced quarter-inch TRS and XLR stereo outputs and an independent headphone output. USB-A and USB-B connections allow for USB drive playback or PC/Mac interface. The T8S includes a ToneMatch power supply. Dimensions: 8.4” x 12.25”
x 3.25” (214 mm x 311 mm x 83 mm).

T4S ToneMatch Mixer:
The four-channel T4S offers most of the same features as the T8S, except for the following differences: the T4S features an Aux send count of two, and outputs to either quarter-inch TRS balanced stereo or dual ToneMatch links – designed to send digital audio to L1 Model 1S/II systems while receiving power on the same provided ToneMatch cable (note: when not used with an L1 system, the T4S can also be optionally powered by an accessory ToneMatch power supply). The final difference between the mixers is the T8S exclusive output meter.
Dimensions: 8.4” x 7.25” x 3.25” (214 mm x 184 mm x 83 mm).

45-Day Better Music Guarantee:
To make it convenient for customers to experience Bose T4S/T8S mixers in their own
environment with their specific gear, Bose has included the products in its 45-Day Better Music
Guarantee. Exclusive to Bose direct sales channels, users can buy and try a system, and if for
any reason they are not satisfied, they may return it for a refund. Optionally, customers can
easily try out the mixers at participating MI retailers.

For more information, visit PRO.BOSE.COM.


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