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Pro Audio Weekly shoutout: Bose Professional’s Showmatch loudspeakers!

BOSE Professional’s ShowMatchTM with next-generation DeltaQTM technology advances sound reinforcement in India

The rental market in India has evolved through leaps and bounds, nurturing qualitative growth as its foundation along its path. And vital to this growth is technology; enhancements in loudspeaker and line array systems being key. Users, however, do stress that there’s a lot left to be desired.

Enter, the Bose Professional ShowMatchTM with DeltaQTM technology.

Bose Professional presented its revolutionary ShowMatchTM array speaker system with the next-gen DeltaQ technology to India’s pro audio community at the end of 2016; and ever since has drawn attention of several rental companies and DJs across the country

“With enhancement in infrastructure presenting a steady stream of opportunities, and live event professionals emphasizing more on sound to create an enchanting experience for audiences; the market in India was ready for the next wave of pro audio technology. The ShowMatchTM system provides users with the ability to design a system with consistent tonal balance and significantly more detailed and balanced sound with uniform coverage; which makes it easier to EQ and provide unmatched sound clarity” said Arun Kumar – Divisional Manager SAARC, Bose Professional.

The ShowMatchTM array loudspeakers comprise compact Baltic birch ply enclosures, with weights ranging from 64 to 67.5 pounds (depending on model), including the integrated 3-point quick-pin rigging and endcaps. The array modules are offered in three versions with 5/10/20-degree vertical dispersion; and under the protective steel grill, two dual long-excursion 8-inch neodymium woofers flank a CADS (Continuous-Arc Diffraction-Slot) manifold. The latter is a proprietary Bose innovation that provides interference-free acoustic summation of the four Bose EMB2S compression drivers. The array loudspeakers have also been recorded to deliver the highest full-range output for their size class with 145 dB peak array output levels. And with field-changeable waveguides aimed at optimizing sound quality throughout the audience area, users can create both traditional J-Array, Constant Curvature and DeltaQ array configurations, bringing selectable coverage control to the portable/rental markets.

‘There are two key elements of differentiation for ShowMatchTM DeltaQTM: Sound quality and flexibility” explains Arun as he talks about the performance value derived from the ShowMatch system. He continues, “With respect to sound quality, it is the vocal clarity that the product provides. Historically, many loudspeakers have a crossover in the vocal region, which degrades vocal clarity. We came up with a two-way system and invented new proprietary transducers and compression drivers that kept the cross-over point outside the vocal clarity range thereby improving the intensity and clarity of vocal projection significantly. Another key positive of the ShowMatch system is its ability to deliver seamless coverage throughout the audience listening area and achieve a system that performs best to the venue orientation. DeltaQ refers to being able to vary or change ‘Delta’ the directivity ‘Q’ of the boxes, both horizontally and vertically. This proprietary approach enables the creation of a custom array shape to meet the needs of the venue.”

Conceivably enough, the Bose Professional ShowMatchTM DeltaQTM system made quite the impression among key players in the market; with reputed rental cos like Bangalore based Acoustic Control and Hyderabad based Highbrow Production Services acquiring comprehensive ShowMatchTM DeltaQTM array rigs (complete with amplification + processing) as their premier reinforcement solution. And teams from the respective rental proudly express their elation with their new rig, asserting that the ShowMatch DeltaQ system’s performance has far surpassed all expectations.

Sanjay Mudartha of Acoustic Control shares his comment on their new Bose ShowMatch system saying, “This system is pure genius. From the thundering bass to the clear mids and sparkling highs. This system delivers it all. Whether you’re doing a gig that plays high-energy alt rock with a lot of slam-to-the-wall stuff, or something mellow and calm like an acoustic set; the system is built to intersperse sound cleanly, with great detail and amazing intelligibility. Plus, even if you have a mix with a lot of dynamics, you’ll notice that the system retains all the power without fatiguing, and with no issues translating the nuances of that FOH sound. And of course, the best part about the system is its interchangeable horizontal waveguide plates which can easily be swapped on site to suit any venue be it a small space or a performing arts center or amphitheater or whatever. This is why the Bose ShowMatch DeltaQ is next-gen; and we are absolutely proud to have it feature in our inventory.”

This product was featured in our October 2017 issue:

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