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Prasanna Suresh – Anbe (feat. Sanah Moidutty): Score Indie Reviews

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Mumbai based music composer – producer Prasanna Suresh, is a name that has overnight become indigenous to the new Indian music scene producing various genres such as Hip Hop, EDM (Tropical House, Future Bass, Chill Step, etc.), Indian classical, Pop etc. The composer’s roots interwoven with Indian and Western classical music traditions, were shaped by various teachers during his formative years.

Since then, Suresh has been quite the autodidact. His exploratory instincts led him to a spectrum of genres, artists, and technicians who went on to sharpen his innate sensibilities as a composer and producer. Suresh’s music has garnered his clients millions of views online and continues to impact many more offline. Effortlessly flowing through genres, composing generously heartening melodies, infectious grooves, enviably orchestrating any idea to its full capacity, are some of his primal elements. His latest track “Anbe” has been growing in strength across streaming platforms and that’s what we are reviewing here.

“Anbe” is a ballad that is best experienced in the intimacy of your own thoughts, feelings, and memories. It emphasizes on bidding farewell to all things toxic in your life. Whether it’s a toxic job or a toxic relationship, get rid of the baggage and start loving yourself the way you want to be loved.

“Anbe” is fun sounding, yet finely nuanced music full of fresh ideas along with its own signature sounds that really does invite and reward repeated listens. There is subtlety aplenty here and little shades and dashes of sound throughout, either from the instruments or the wonderful vocal performances of Prasanna Suresh and Sanah Moidutty, that really inject the whole track with a sense of life and joy. By the time the last beat comes to a halt, the chances are that you will want to head back to the start of the song, and open your ears again to the sounds of this song, fall in love with it, and in the process, with yourself.

Verdict: Empowering.

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