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Pranav Bhasin’s ‘Screaming on the fly ft Rohini Maiti’ is an expose of the modern life dissatisfaction – Score Indie Reviews

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Living in the modern world can be painfully exhausting. The ever-present anxiety of not being enough, and hyper-fixation on trying to be healthy while otherwise having extremely unhealthy habits is not alien to us. All this is perfectly portrayed, both lyrically and visually, in Pranav Bhasin’s ‘Screaming on the fly’ with Rohini Maiti’s amazing vocals.

The song starts with just Maiti’s vocals and the unsynchronised beeps of messages being sent. A bold choice albeit a unique one, this complements the music video very well. It slowly progresses into the arrangement with groovy beats and electronic notes in the chorus. Although the music arrangement is not the main focus of the song, it makes one groove to the song.

The lyrics are just what today’s music needs – vulnerable, brave and truthful. It perfectly conveys the deep loneliness that people in the capitalistic world feel while trying to fill that void through shopping, hooking up, phone, social media and fake friendships. The music video does a good job of putting these concepts into visuals. Unlike most songs, the video takes in the dramatic elements of the song and breathes the same into life. 

Pranav Bhasin has done a wonderful job of conveying modern life dissatisfaction through both the visuals and the song.

Verdict – Raw, relatable, catchy, and unique.

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