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Polly Saghera x Aman Nath x Jasleen Aulakh – Akhaan Da Paigaam: Score Indie Reviews

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Jasleen Aulakh is an indie artist and folk singer who mainly sings in Punjabi. With mother Polly Saghera as the lyricist, Jasleen Aulakhʼs music is best defined as a collaboration between a mother and daughter who inspire each other with a goal to make meaningful music without sermonising. Predominantly inspired by folk music and some Sufi influences but not restricted by any particular genre.

The duo uses its music to draw attention to all aspects of the fabric of life — its joys as well as its problems. Their project aims to popularise folk music which seems to have been given a back seat in modern times. In order to make the philosophy of the great Sufi poets more relatable for all, Polly and Jasleen add to the words of these poets, their own compositions and Pollyʼs lyrics. The mother-daughter duo is back with its latest song “Akhaan Da Paigaam” and that’s what we are reviewing here. 

“Akhaan Da Paigaam” is a song about love at first sight. The victim is smitten by the first glimpse of the beloved and yearns for a favourable response. The mother daughter duo regales us with unique songwriting, breathtaking creativity and a new collective approach to traditional tunes.

The song is written and composed by Polly Saghera, while it has been recorded, produced and arranged by Aulakh’s brother Aman Nath. Jasleen Aulakh herself has performed the vocals admirably well. The song will definitely resonate with anyone who has ever been in love and will linger in their thoughts long after the final note has faded.

The music video is an experimental DIY home production keeping the current situation of the pandemic in mind.

“Akhaan Da Paigaam” is a terrific traditional folk song and a fascinating insight into Jasleen Aulakh’s creative process and her own involvement in the Punjabi folk scene, one which will surely expand her reputation and bring Polly Saghera’s writings to a whole new audience.

Verdict: Folkin’ great.

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