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Pay to watch Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’


No more fun, fun fun fun! The video, after being put behind a YouTube paywall temporarily, has been pulled off YouTube completely

The video for “Friday” is no longer available on YouTube. According to the Huffington Post, earlier this week,  the video was set up only as a paid version on “YouTube Rentals” that could be viewed for $2.99 by ARK Music Factory’s channel. (ARK Music Factory is the record label that Black is signed with.) This caused Black to pull the video off YouTube. 

According to Wikipedia, in the deal with ARK, Black would own the master recording, but ARK maintains publishing rights and all sales from the song. 

“Friday” was uploaded on YouTube on February 10th, 2011, and it had over a thousand views within its first month of the upload. Up until yesterday, it had over 160 million views. The song was released on iTunes after its YouTube debut.

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