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Parth Srivastava’s Kyon is a fine example of philosophical songwriting: Score Idie Reviews

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Singer-songwriter Parth Srivastava is a new talent to watch out for. While his singing is definitely melodious and soulful, what shines in his track Kyon is his mature sense of songwriting. Like many poets, Srivastava goes into an introspective headspace, when he tries questioning God (or the ‘higher power’ above) on the highly unequal and turbulent world that the omnipresent being created. 

Rather than appropriating anyone else’s trauma or turmoil, he just tends to give an outsider’s perspective as the state of the world pains him. He conveys his point through various metaphors and comparisons. One of the many questions in Kyon includes the singer asking why we get burnt by fire and still proceed to worship it. Another delves into how some people seem to have it all while others seem to have absolutely nothing. 

Most of his musings don’t address specific social issues, but they are open to interpretation for different listeners. Ultimately, Kyon sounds like a call to achieve universal peace even if Parth Srivastava doesn’t preach to his audiences. Often, the issue with such ‘deep’ tracks is that the singer often sounds like a moral authority and instructs others to follow their doctrines. Kyon, as its title suggests, presents complicated questions rather than simple answers.

The artist serves as the medium in conveying thoughts, instead of the final judge.  And maybe, that’s what adds to the song’s impact. 
While the lyrics are definitely the strongest aspect, Dhairya Mehrotra’s production offers traces of neo-Indian classical music with an ambient atmosphere. The song might not cater to everyone’s tastes but for those who manage to listen to Kyon, they should definitely experience it in a patient mood. 

Verdict: Introspective thoughts are touched upon in Kyon, powered by Parth Srivastava’s meditative vocals. 

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