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Parikrama: 20 years and counting.


Parikrama, is arguably one of the oldest surviving bands of our country. In an era where bands are falling apart and changing their line-up,  this band has stuck together for twenty long years. What made a 4 month project last 20 years? Score finds out.

Parikrama has more than 230 concerts and 1000 odd performances to their credit as of today. They’ve done it all from being one of the first bands to be screened on national television to performing in the international arena. In the year 2007, they went on to open for Iron Maiden. It was their moment of recognition, the band manager who saw their performance recommended them for the Download Festival. It was the first time any Indian Rock act had ever performed at a major music festival outside of India.  

Recently, the bands keyboardist/manager Subir Malik, was awarded “Dewarist” presented by the Dewar’s Whisky and Wizcraft. The Dewar’s Whisky and Wizcraft movement recognizes artists who have followed their hearts and redefined paradigms.

When Subir was asked about their journey so far, he reminisced, “In 1991, we decided that we would play songs which we love. Not what others expected us to play. Today, we look back and think ‘Oh my God, it has been 20 long years.’ It has been a magical journey. Cliched as it might sound, but it just doesn’t feel like 20 years as we enjoy every moment of creating music.”

The band  started many summers back when the two brothers Subir Malik and Nitin Malik began jamming with 2 friends. The jams became more serious and the band achieved recognition very quickly. It set them on a journey and Parikrama became one of the biggest names of the Indian music scene.

Fast forward 20 years, and Parikrama continue be the juggernauts of the Industry. 2011 is possibly a resurgent year for Indian music. With MTV getting back to its music roots, and with more renewed interest in Indian rock and pop, the question remains. Will Parikrama remain on top of their game?

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