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OK Go’s latest creative music video!

OK Go have earned much acclaim over the years, but mostly for their music videos than their music itself. Check out their next creative venture:

OK Go‘s latest music video for the song ‘Needing/Getting‘ features all four band members within a spanking new Chevrolet Sonic, driving on 2 mile fully customized ‘track’ in the Californian desert on the outskirts of Los Angeles. For the record, they used over 1000 musical instruments such as pianos, guitars, bells, cymbals. They even made use of rubber tires for bass, heavy plastic barrels for drums, lead pipes and metal plates for chimes and percussion. 

[youtube_video id=MejbOFk7H6c]

Simply counting the number of instruments, the amount of preparation (4 months) and needless to say, risking wrecking a new car raises questions about affordability. Because, remember, OK Go are an indie band, right? Not to worry, Chevrolet sponsored their latest adventure. Having seen this, we all can agree that the American motor companies are using their bail-out money in interesting ways to market their otherwise crappy merchandize. But hey, if it promotes artists and their own creativities in the process, why should we complain? Kudos to the Chevrolet concept / creative team and OK Go themselves!

In case you were wondering, OK Go have made many other really cool music videos. One of their most notable works – ‘This Too Shall Pass‘ –  was their homage to Rube Goldberg, featuring a ‘simple machine’, which isn’t really all that simple. But all that matters is doesn’t fail to amuse. And thats what OK Go’s all about.

[youtube_video id=qybUFnY7Y8w]

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