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Obama belts the Blues with ‘Sweet home Chicago’

 Being so used to stunts like 5-crore-garlands, housing scams and whatnots, it’s refreshing to see that politicians can do something non facepalmish like singing!

Apparently US President Barack Obama, along with that disarming smile, has some decent pipes too!

The all-star finale at the White House got Bluesier as Obama floored everyone present by singing a verse of ‘Sweet home Chicago’ on Tuesday during a celebration of Blues and its influence on modern pop culture.

We were trying to get you to help us sing. I heard you singing Al Green,” Blues legend Buddy Guy drawled at Obama as he was walking off the stage after thanking everybody for the night. “So you started something. You got to keep it up now. You can do it.”

Obama, being a sport, charmingly took the mic from Jagger and sang a solo verse of the popular Chicago anthem.

This is not the President’s first venture into the music world.  In January he blew the crowd away by singing a line from Al Green’s classic “Let’s Stay Together” at a Harlem fundraiser.

[youtube_video id=hhO1DnNKYbo]

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