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The face of the music market, as we know, is changing. Online streaming may be picking up as the next big answer to music piracy, but there are still a lot of gaps that need to be identified and taken care of.

“Between legalities and/or lack of lucrative offers, some artists have been struggling to navigate through this (relatively) new found digital medium while others have fearlessly taken on the role of leader building a platform out of physical sales and standing strong atop it to speak out against unfair payment.”

The fights over proper payment and exclusive content give us a mixed collection from each source. And when the biggies from the industry are skeptical, we should be soon in for a change. “I feel like as musicians we need to fight the Spotify thing … What’s happening in the mainstream is the last gasp of the old industry. Once that does finally die, which it will, something else will happen.” –Thom Yorke.

‘Consequence of Sound’ explores a list of artists who are withholding from the online streaming market.

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