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Nish Will Whip Her Hair. I Think.

Do we finally have an desi Willow Smith? More importantly, do we want one?

When I was asked to do this article, my editor asked me to tone down the brutality. So, having almost Od’ed on Valium, I shall proceed to be nice about the whole debacle. 

Most of us have been assualted by the the sweet sound of the child prodigy that is Willow Smith. She promises to whip her hair back and forth, and delivers with much aplomb. 

If not, take a moment to appreciate this: 

[youtube_video id=ymKLymvwD2U]

No doubt you have been moved to tears, so take a moment to comport yourself. 

The massive public opinion since then has been, “Aargh, such magnificence, I will get my lungi in a knot unless this happens in India!”

Ladies and Gentlemen, your prayers have been answered. I give to you, Nish. 

[youtube_video id=MHfR0tm80Vk]



Also Kan D man, but mostly Nish. 

The video starts with a incandescent red cardiod ring. I kindof fazed out after that, but undoubtedly more awesomeness follows.

But here’s something another reviewer (made of sterner stuff, no doubt) has to say: 

“Nish shows her lingustic versatility singing in Hindi and Punjabi. Her light, airy vocals show a lot of promise and will hopefully develop more depth with as she matures. Her little riffs, sweet voice and catchy lyrics show potential.”

And bam! Desi Willow Smith. (she is from England technically but heck, the song is hindi na? Slumdog Millionaire is also ours!! ) 

Now it is no mean feat for a 13 year old to become a youtube/itunes/retarded people sensation, and ofcourse making fun of them is so much easier than going out there and beltin’ it out, pop diva ishtyle. As if somehow, being young is a valid excuse for being crappy simultaneously.

It is a perfectly valid desire to be a popstar when you are 13 and a girl, but were there no adults involved in this project? ( We are looking at you, Kan-D-Man) It is also valid to be nineteen and want a giant flame throwing robot rampaging though the streets. Neither of these things though, is good for the rest of the society. 

Although adimittedly, Life would be more awesome if I was on youtube.

Since I can sing most Westlife songs by heart, it be far from me to denigrate your (fantastic) musical taste, but comeon: a thirteen year old in a nightclub with a glowing heart, and huge shades to hide her (possible) occupational hazard? Thats a little bit funny and a little bit horrifying. 

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