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Nh7 Weekender Pune Day 2: New frontiers of fascination

In my ever-so-humble opinion, one of the most potent effects of NH7 has always been facilitating discovery of new acts. Among others, I have found, at previous renditions, Parekh and Singh, Thaikkudam Bridge, Imphal Talkies, and Ankur & the Ghalat Family.

On Day 2, they did not disappoint. A curated lineup brought to a delighted city John Mayer-loving blues oozer Jay Abo, electro R&B loungers I M U R and garage-rock grim reapers West Thebarton. Each offering a distinctive aesthetic, they introduced to approving and applauding listeners new additions to their daily playlists.


When Chai Met Toast: They drew a nearly 500-strong crowd WHILE Joe Satriani played on the Bacardi stage. No other facts need be introduced to substantiate their point.
Komorebi: An old favorite of mine, Komorebi sailed through 40 minutes with her trademark half-light tumblings. One always gets the feeling that with every gig, she is moving closer to becoming a real-life fixture from Miyazaki films.
Dualist Inquiry: Even from afar (I had planted myself in front of the Bacardi stage so that I could have a more-than-momentary glimpse of Joe Satriani), Sahej gave you enough to scratch that electro-curious itch for a few days.
Joe Satriani: All was as expected. A sea of adoration swung towards the man wielding a guitar like Odin and his spear. When Cherry Blossoms began, I could swear he tried to use his guitar to replicate a shamisen (cue for madness). Notably, the Silver Surfer and Galactusappeared as part of the visual eye-astounder framing his eclectic acoustics. Thank you, Bacardi Stage.

Day 2 was spent with exploring newness, and peppering them with familiar pleasures. For the most part, you were inspired to dawdle on the grass and let mild, unintended satisfaction creep up.

Picture credit- Mohit Sharma, Mohit Music Photography 


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