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New Wave Asia Festival 2017: October 28th & 29th

ennui.BOMB’s fourth edition of NEW WAVE ASIA is hitting the festival’s home turf after travelling to 3 different cities in the last 3 years from Goa, Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai this year.

This year, the line-up consists of 7 international artists and 17 Indian acts and will be held across 3 different venues in Mumbai- 28th at Summer House Café and 29th at Raasta and antiSOCIAL. The international line-up will see Woolwich, London’s electronica songwriting duo Ooberfuse which is steadily taking the British electronica scene one storm at a time(sole non-Asian represent), JVNR- a solo project by South Korea’s popular electronic poprock outfit WHOwho’s frontman Jun, HIBARI from Shinjuku-ku, Japan bringing chiptune/rap/punk/straight edge to the festival, DR.EGGS from Hong Kong fronted by Joul to impress you from the first second for that impressive high-octane music, literally, bringing what he calls ‘TRUNK MUZIK’ for the first time in India, Thailand’s hot pop-rock outfit The Note and Bhutan represents The Baby Boomrs and Flying Kik bringing in Alt/Indie/Folk rock and Reggae/ Rap Metal respectively.

The Indian line-up will showcase some of the renowned artists in the Indian Indie circuit today namely ViceVersa, Enkore and Punk act The Riot Peddlers along with some of the emerging artists/bands today and they are- Ramil
Ganjoo, an exclusively-curated set by jwala, Diarchy, Stoned Seahorse, Awkward Silence, MC HEAM, FALSE FLAG, What Plough?, Dionysian, iblinkwhenithink, B-Cube(India’s first Beatboxing Champion) Punk rock
represent Mumbai’s own Tripwire and Raghav Meattle who has been chosen amongst hundred other entries as the ‘Songdew Pick’ for the festival, a segment curated by Songdew for the festival.

We will kick off this year’s festival celebrations with two pre-parties- 26th October at Hard Rock Café in Pune with The Baby Boomrs and Flying Kik from Bhutan alongside Tripwire on the opening duties. 27th October at The
Humming Tree in Bangalore which will see Ooberfuse, HIBARI and JVNR weaving never-before- seen or heard electronic, chiptune, electronic poprock sounds to the city for the first time ever.

26th October- Pre-party, HRC Pune
27th October- Pre-party, THT Bangalore
28th – Summer House Café, Bombay
29th – antiSOCIAL and Raasta, Bombay

Gates open at 3 pm at SHC, 4 pm at Raasta and 3 pm at antiSOCIAL
Ticket prices: 26 th October at HRC Pune- 250/- (entry)+ 250/-(cover)
27th October at THT Bangalore- 300/-
28th October at Summer House Café- 500/-
29th October at Raasta Bombay- FREE
29th October at antiSOCIAL- 300/- (4 pm- 8pm) 500/- (8 pm

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New Wave Asia 2017

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