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New Wave Asia 2017: In conversation with The Note from Bangkok!

In conversation with Bangkok based, alternative pop-rock band The Note who spoke to us about their upcoming India tour for the New Wave Asia Festival 2017, their journey as a band, what to expect at their India concert and more.

Date: 28th October 2017

Venue: Summer House Cafe, Mumbai

More details:

Tell us a brief about your band and the journey so far

We are a 4-piece band from Bangkok, Thailand called The Note. We play pop-rock music with a pretty energetic live set. I guess what makes us stand out is the difference in culture that we have in our band. Oliver & I (Joey) were born in America and we grew up in Los Angeles. So that’s why we got a pretty heavy America pop rock influence in our sound. The other two were born in raise so they have a clean cut Thai sound that we incorporate. We actually took a pretty long hiatus due to some unfortunate issues with some labels and contracts, but we are back at it again, this time independently and with a distribution team (ProKarma) that we trust.

What’s on your set list for the India gig?

Our set list is pretty straight forward. We have mostly original songs and some new and old billboard hits for people to sing along and jam to. We are super stoked to play in India because, mostly likely, any song of ours they hear will be the first time hearing it. Honestly though, if you want to know the answer to this question you just have to come to The New Wave Music Festival and check it out!

Have you been to India before? What do you think about the Indian music scene?

No, none of us have been to India so we couldn’t be more excited. Actually this will be the first time we play anywhere outside of Thailand. It’s every musician’s dream to fly to a new country and play for new faces. Big ups to the staff and the festival itself for having us!

Is there any musician/ band you would like to collaborate with in India?

Actually, I was checking out some Indian music on YouTube and stumble upon a band called “The Local Train” from Delhi, those guys are great musicians. We want to definitely check out some local recommendations on Indian bands when we get out there for sure! But as far as for collaborations, we would love to collaborate with anyone who’s passionate about music, not to be a cliche but it’s true (Laughs).

Anything exciting planned for your concert in India?

We are super excited for the food! Oh my, the food! Haha we are based in Thailand so we are known for our food, anytime we have a chance to go check out a culture, we have to start with their food!

What would you like to say to people in India?

We are excited to be completely immersed in your culture and we hope you can come to the festival and jam out with us. We would like to also extend our gratitude to you for letting us come out to your beautiful country and rock out! It’s amazing what music can do for you, this is definitely going to be the most exciting thing we’ve done so far as a band, thanks again to everyone who’s a part of it and thank you The Score Magazine for taking time to chat with us! See you guys on the 28th!


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