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New Lady Gaga video takes a dig at Christianity?

Fame Monster Lady Gaga is back to being infamous. Her new video which has religious themes has generated much controversy. Funny part is, it hasn’t even been released yet!



Another Madonna act?

The video of Judas, the new track from Lady Gaga’s album Born This Way, is going to be released today. The hype surrounding it is because she supposedly plays Mary Magdalene  and the actor Norman Reedus Judas IscariotBible believers are outraged. She has even banned ice cubes from her concert venues for fear of rowdy fans pelting them at her. And all this for a video nobody has seen yet!

You can check out the world premiere on E! Online at 5:30 a.m and decide if it hurts religious sentiments or is just another over hyped stunt. Did we mention Gaga co-directed the video? Definitely worth a watch.

‘Judas (Audio)- Lady Gaga’

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