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Music Videos: The evolution of a listener to a viewer – Score Short Reads

Music Videos: The evolution of a listener to a viewer – Score Short Reads

Songs have come a long way jumping through different forms of media from cassettes to mp3 players to personalised playlists on your phone. Apart from the variations in the ways in which songs can be listened to, they have become something for your ears as well your eyes. More than being a place of solace, songs have become a whole experience with the exquisitely put together music videos. 

More to the song than the music

The increasing importance of music videos and the high-quality production of these has further emphasised the concept of songs being a beautiful form of expression. Music videos have been adding another perspective to a song and making it a more enjoyable few minutes. The previously lone voice of the artist is now backed up with the creative visuals of the video, allowing the listener turned viewer to build a story on the song.

Often these stories are built in the videos giving the listener a capsulised version of an experience for easy edification and also allowing the artists story to be memorialised in the eyes of the listeners. Why only listen to a song when you can go through a beautiful version of it made by the artist through the video? 

Music videos—a publicity move?

While being a copious insight into the artistry, music videos also attract viewers who then turn into listeners. The aesthetic visuals, locations, trendy dance moves and so many other factors influence the mood of the song, sometimes even stealing its thunder. With music videos being easily available and accessible, it is only logical that publicity teams and companies make the best of the opportunity.

Songs like Cardi B’s WAP featuring Megan Thee Stallion was a major hit with its alluring music video playing a huge part in its success. Recently Halsey’s “I’m not a women, I’m a god” has been receiving a lot of attention for its beautiful videography and concept. It tells a beautiful story that is accompanied by the song which only seems to be an extra element supporting the story. The song although beautiful doesn’t capture as much attention as the strong visuals in the video.

Evolution of music videos 

Music videos have, like other industries, have gone through a creative revolution. They are no longer just artists lip syncing to the song but a well thought out product that means to add value to the discography of the artist. The ability of the artist, if appearing in the video, to catch the eyes the viewer also matters in bringing the song some benefit. To ensure this happens, different teams of professionals also become a part of the process. All in all, a music video is a whole package delivering to and catering various interests of different artists.

Making of music videos 

From attracting viewers to turning listeners into viewers, music videos have become almost a necessity for charting and gaining popularity. From the variety of videos that can be seen it is no doubt that the concept and planning of these videos are done very meticulously. Even the side tracks of the different album have audio visualisers that play a role that is similar to that of a music video. The creative efforts that go into these from the styling, direction, location, animation etc. is a very intricate process that definitely reaps results. 

Every form of entertainment convulsing and bringing out unique ideas is something that all industries are exploring. Artists exploring new avenues to try and express themselves better and in turn providing their audience immaculate ways of entertainment, together are stepping stones towards a more developed society.

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