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Music Review :: Ek Tha Tiger

We present to you the exclusive music review of Kabir Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger.

Don’t you think that director Kabir Khan has managed a filmy coup of sorts with Ek Tha Tiger? C’mon – It isn’t every day that two imminent Bollywood personalities i.e. Aditya Chopra & Salman Khan, join hands for a movie. Throw in a gorgeous Katrina Kaif amidst an espionage setting and you have the perfect formula for a sure-shot blockbuster. Considering its dramatic plot, I do wonder what kind of music Ek Tha Tiger will offer to its listeners. Moreover, since Sajid-Wajid & Sohail Sen are the music composers, I’m expecting a mixed bag of commercial yet mediocre songs (courtesy: S-W), as well as, some interesting situational tunes (courtesy: Sohail Sen). Will I be proven right? Let us take a look.

The album opens up with Mashallah which bears a Sajid-Wajid trademark all over it. I had to look at the album cover to check whether S-W had bought the rights of this song from the Aladdin or Prince Of Persia soundtrack. Primarily a dance track, this one clearly caters to Salman’s humongous fan following. S-W have tried to incorporate a multitude of Arabic/Persian/Spanish/Indian sounds in a single track which causes the end product to become a khichdi of individual sounds begging to be heard.

[youtube_video id=KAkyJqHvFZc]

Sung by Wajid & Shreya Ghoshal, the song has absolutely nothing new to offer. Yet, you can’t seem to help but appreciate and acknowledge the addictive nature of this song. Mediocre yet commercial at the same time – what did I tell you!

Moving on to the next track, we have K.K. & Palak Muchhal crooning Laapata. Not even a single element in this track stands out – lackluster singing, done-to-death tune (I believe it to be a rehash of a few songs from the Dhoom franchise – Shikdum, Salaame & Dilbara), overdose of a zillion sounds, and an annoying chorus – basically, nothing! This is all the more surprising since it has come from the house of Sohail Sen. He’s the man behind some beautiful tracks from What’s Your Raashee & Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.

Please God – let Sohail Sen’s Banjaara be a good song! Despite being a fast paced track, I swear that at multiple junctures, the tune reminded me of Jis Jagah Par from Players, as well as, Dilbara from Dhoom (once again!). Slightly better than its predecessors, Banjaara has the potential to be a massive hit ONLY if it is picturised well. Also, Sukhwinder Singh is always a joy to hear – and he doesn’t disappoint in this case. In fact, he infuses the much-needed energy in this supposedly dhamakedaar track.

Saiyaara starts off beautifully on a mystical note. Now this is a song worthy of the Yash Raj Films title and undoubtedly, the BEST track of the lot. Being tailor-made for him, Mohit Chauhan breezes through this symphonic track – but he isn’t alone. A delicious sounding Tarannum Malik joins in the proceedings.

The remix versions of Mashallah, Laapata & Banjara DO NOT deserve any comments from me. The term horrid would be an understatement.

An instrumental track by the name of Tigers (Theme) impresses to an extent since it seems befitting for an Indian movie of the espionage genre. It tries to be on the lines of the Mission Impossible theme but isn’t that memorable.

The only reason why I had considerable high expectations from the soundtrack of Ek Tha Tiger is because it is a YRF films product. If for nothing else, the audience always looks forward to YRF movies for its music. It is unfair to justify a bad soundtrack by pointing fingers at or highlighting the movie’s core theme. Considering the fact that Kabul Express, New York & Chak De India – each had a lilting soundtrack, why not Ek Tha Tiger?

I rest my case.

SHRESHT’S PICKS: Banjaara, Saiyaara

RATING: ** out of *****

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