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Music for a cause


The ‘Sounds of Isha‘ are a band formed by Isha foundation to create awarness about the damage we are causing to the environment. They make considerable impact by combinging their melodies with stunning visuals.

Their melodies are a fusion of music from different parts of the world – traversing effortlessly and seamlessly across boundaries and cultures. They sooth and instills a sense of calm. Through their music, they inspire and remind us about the importance of the environment and urge us to take responsibility and make a difference.  The band combines text with sounds in their videos to deliver impactful messages that urge people to protect the environment and bring about a positive change.

Coming a long way from their first performance four years ago, today, Sounds of Isha has two albums and a huge ‘fan following’ to its credit. The group has performed at the Jahane Kusrauv Festival in 2006, several WPOs, YPOs, the UN and other prestigious conferences. They have also shared the stage and performed live with several imminent musicians including percussion Maestro Shivamani, Sufi Singer Zila Khan and Popular Performer Remo Fernandez at the Mahashivarathri festival in 2008 and 2007.

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