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Mood Indigo 2011: The Countdown BEGINS!

It’s just that time of the year, when India’s biggest college festival rolls around at the hallowed environs of IIT-Bombay. This year, mark your calendars between 18th and 21st December as the days you pay your obeisances at Mood Indigo 2011. 

One of the most eagerly awaited events at the festival is Livewire, the semi-professional band competition, which is as national as it gets. Here’s a lowdown on the event as it will be this year.

About Livewire

Livewire, India’s biggest semi-professional music band competition, is the ultimate launchpad for semi pro bands who are looking to make it big in the world of music. Hundreds of bands from various parts of the country and across several genres of music compete every year for the coveted title of India’s best semi-professional band. The headliners of Livewire have included Porcupine Tree, Katatonia and Ensiferum in the past. THIS YEAR = KARNIVOOL!!!

[youtube_video id=4BXkvLX5gTI]

Will be blazin’ India in less than 2 weeks!

Previous winners of the competition include Parikrama, Pentagram, Vayu, Zero, Something Relevant and many more who have now conquered the professional music scene in India and have even gone on to perform in International festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Download Festival and more.

You can check out more details here!

Schedule for Livewire 2011:

Zonal Elims : Conducted at 4 locations across India. The top 4 from each zone qualify for the semi-finals on 17th at Mood Indigo.

North Zone : Delhi – Already done on the 27th of October at Striker’s Pub in Gurgaon. The top 4 shortlisted bands: Grammy Winning Effort, The Urban EarlyMen, Agrath (who going by their Fb status may not be competing cuz of exams! :O), The Uncertainty Principle

South Zone : Bangalore – Successfully on the 28th of October at Kyra Lounge. The top 4 shortlisted bands are Blues Conscience, Verses, Theorized, Final Surrender

West Zone : Mumbai – Being held at Hard Rock Cafe, on Tuesday, December 6th, 3 pm onwards. Watch this space for more updates, as we at Score bring you live coverage!

East Zone : Kolkata – Date and venue will again be confirmed shortly. It would be happening within the coming week of December.


The 16 top bands (4 from each zone) come down to Mood Indigo on the 17th of December, Saturday. The competition would happen at the NCC courts from 10 am to 5 pm. The venue has a capacity of about 2000 people and is open for general public.


The top 3 bands from the 16 would be opening for Karnivool on the 18th of December at the Open Air Theater at the IIT Bombay campus. This event is also open for general public.

Registrations open (combined for the finals of Karnivool gig and GBOB-Livewire finals) right HERE!

Incentives for the winners of Livewire

1) The winners of Livewire would be India’s official and only entry into GBOB –worldwide! The GBOB-worldwide would be happening on the 3rd of June 2012 in Bucharest, Romania. The travel and hospitality of the selected band would be borne by GBOB and Mood Indigo.

2) The top 3 winners of Livewire would get to perform at all the Hard Rock Café’s across India!

3) The winning band would get to record their debut album in collaboration with a reputed recording studio!

4) The top 3 bands would get to open for Karnivool!

5) All the above prizes are apart from the INR 70,000 cash prizes and INR 1.1 lakh Furtados vouchers for the winners!

The biggest prize, of course:



Global Battle Of The Bands 2011 – Get With It! 


 It is the world’s biggest live talent competition for bands of all genres. Every year Local Qualifying Heats and National Finals take place in participating countries around the world, with the winners of these going forward to World Final.

This year, local eliminations will be happening in almost 40 countries around the world this year and the global finals would happen at Bucharest in Romania on the 3rd of June.

The finals are a huge spectacle in front of a 30,000 strong audience with the whole competition being live-streamed on the internet and National TV. It is sponsored by some of the world’s leading music companies like MTV, Carlsbro, Bluemedia, etc.

The winning band gets a band development package worth $100,000 and a special gold Best New Band in the World statuette apart from worldwide fame!

This year, Livewire will be official Indian leg of GBOB with the winner of Livewire getting an entry into the worldwide competition.

Check out last year’s global finals right here!

For more details, check out –

Any guesses as to who will be bringing you news and coverage on these events? Go ahead, we’ll let you think it over ;)

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