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Modern Mafia #2: Ishaan Krishna

 Today, we tell you about Ishaan Krishna, the floppy haired lead guitarist of Modern Mafia!

In an alternate universe, Ishaan Krishna is a god fearing mummy’s boy with respectable short hair and a flair for entertaining old people with his peppy sitar (unplugged, of course) melodies. He considers any other time meter except 4/4 a blasphemy and has always dreamed of playing in the local temple bhajan mandali

But not in this m*********ing universe. In this universe, Ishaan Krishna will EAT you alive. We don’t kid.

An unfortunate ex once asked him to play her a song for their first-time-held-hands anniversary. She hasn’t been seen since then. Bystanders swear that they saw a queer sort of green fire come out his mouth and vaporize her. This is one of the many legends that mothers tell their aspiring guitarist offspring to get them to eat their vegetables. 

When he’s not eating babies, or emasculating the manliest of men with the size of his…fretboard, Ishaan can be found churning out one face melting solo after another. Anyone, ANYONE, who dares to take his channels will meet a fate worse than his manually dismantled guitar. He will stretch you and bend you more than Joe Satriani bends his notes.

Ladies, in addition to having hair better than most of you, he also has more pick-up lines than the pick-ups on his guitar. True Story. Those fingers occasionally play other things besides his sweet custom-made guitar. 

Come and witness Ishaan display his badassery with his fellow Modern Mafia members at the Cool Chef Cafe (Worli, Mumbai) on Sunday, January 22. As a treat, they will also show you their new video in 1080p!

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