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Modern Mafia #1: Krehl Gonsalves

 Presenting Mafia number 1: Krehl Gonsalves, Bassist

One sweaty day, Krehl was roaming the mean streets of Mumbai, with no plan or design. He kicked a pebble in frustration. Now, the pebble was no ordinary pebble. It was a sacred pebble sent by none other than the revered Baba JimiHendridev to show Krehl the right path to self- actualisation.

This orphic pebble altered it’s original course and, with baba Jimihendridev’s blessings, went and hit a dilapidated guitar, thus drawing Krehl’s attention to it. It was a musical contraption he’d seen many of the town’s musicians fiddling with. It saw him, and spoke to him; “Child”, it said, “I may look cheaper than your suit, but if you want true happiness, play me. PLAY ME, like you’ve never played a woman before.”

Krehl then, with fire in his fingers and twinkles in his eyes and well, the internet, learned how to play the mystical instrument. Everything else fell into place like a beginner level jigsaw puzzle with 9 pieces. As the years went by, he, like a true mafioso, overpowered the keyboard, piano and the harmonica as well. No instrument could match him, until one day, he found his calling in the elusive bass. The slaps, the plucks, the gallops – he mastered all these moves and decided that from now on, he will only carry a bass in his holster.

Beware, fools, for Krehl Gonsalves is here. He claims he is related to Anthony Gonsalves, long time cohort of Amar and Akbar; we know not for sure. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. But to anyone who challenges him, he will lay waste to your eardrums by bringing on a bassic assault. 

Krehl is just one of the tuxedo wearing studs playing in Modern Mafia. Be there for their equally awesome video launch and gig at the Cool Chef Cafe (Worli, Mumbai) on Sunday, January 22. Bring your friends!

Also present at the venue will be The Score team, armed with magazines and subscriptions. Go get your own copies there!

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