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Metallica ACTUALLY Made It To Bangalore!

The Bells Tolled at Palace Grounds at 8pm on 30th October 2011 as Metallica, the ‘biggest metal band in the world’ took the stage for their first ever live performance in India.

In the wake of the fiasco at Delhi, both fans and organizers took extra efforts to ensure that the show did happen as planned, and what a show it was! With a capacity crowd of almost 30,000 screaming fans, Metallica proceeded to play a show that completely made up for the 30 long years it took for the band to finally play in India. 

Despite the ‘technical snags’ that plagued the band’s sound right through the show, Metallica did not fail to impress. James Hetfield was in his element, riffing and singing with ease, proving that he is still one of the best frontmen in the world. Armed with a guitar and loads of charisma to boot, Hetfield, with Rob Trujjilo (bass/backing vocals), Kirk Hammet (lead guitar) and Lars Ulrich (drums) played 19 of the band’s most popular tracks, that included ‘Master of Puppets’, ’Sad But True’, ’Nothing Else Matters’ and ’Fade To Black’.

One of the highlights of the set was the pyrotechnics, perhaps the first time a band in India is doing so. At the end of Metallica’s 2 hour set, it was easy to see why Metallica is one of the best live acts in the world today.

Earlier in the day, Delhi based band Guillotine and Inner Sanctum from Bangalore kickstarted proceedings. Despite playing relatively short sets, both bands were well received by the crowds.

Supporting band Biffy Clyro from Scotland took the stage next. An explosive live act, the indie-rock band may not have been the best choice to support the metal titans, although they received a great response from the crowds.

Starting off with ‘The Captain’ from their 2009 release ‘Only Revolutions’, the band braved the rains and played a 45 minute set that included tracks ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Mountains’ before making way for Metallica to take the stage. 

Metallica’s Setlist:

The Ecstasy Of Gold (Intro)

Creeping Death

For Whom The Bell Tolls


Ride The Lighning

*Kirk Hammet Guitar Solo*

Fade To Black


The Memory Remains

Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Sad But True

*Rob Trujjilo Bass Solo*

All Nightmare Long


Master Of Puppets


Nothing Else Matters (Extended Intro)

Enter Sandman


Am I Evil (Diamondhead Cover)


Seek And Destroy

For a complete, in-depth BRUTAL review of Metallica’s first gig in India, pick up the Dec 2011 edition of The Score Magazine!

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