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Meet The Exhibitors At The Musician Expo 2012!

 Musician Expo, co-located Expo with PALM Expo, will have the some of the biggest exhibitors in the industry. Introducing the Exhibitors at the Musician Expo 2012!


Think music, think Furtados’ is an apt description of the music house of Furtados. Established in 1865, Furtados has always been in the vanguard in the field of Western music education and knowledge in India. From print music to digital equipment, having a complete spectrum of musical instruments in the Western and Indian categories, it has evolved into a one-stop shop for the music-oriented, be it the beginner-student, the tutor or the virtuoso. It has grown into a household name in music in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Punjab, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mangalore, Dimapur and Goa, and is a familiar name to almost all musicians across the country.

Furtados’ growing stature in the field has seen the organisation spread its roots throughout the country, through a growing retail network and over 350 dealer outlets. 


Gibson is known worldwide for producing classic models in every major style of fretted instrument, including acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, and banjos. The Gibson Les Paul guitar is the bestselling guitar of all time and bears the name of the late, great Les Paul. The Gibson Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Gibson Guitar Corporation, and dedicates its time and services to making the place a better world for children through its support of music, education, health and human services. 


Music Distribution Co. was established in 2002 in downtown Mumbai for distribution  of Top Branded Musical Instruments & Accessories. They are now major suppliers to all the top retail stores across the country.  Music Distribution Co. is led by a dynamic team of professionals who are knowledgeable in the field and are instrumental in bringing internationally famous leading brands to the Indian Music scene. This has made Music Distribution Co. the leading and biggest importer & distributor of Musical Instruments in India today. Guitars, Drums, Wind Instruments, Traditional Instruments, etc, and their accessories they have it all … To list a few of the International Brands available are: Ibanez, Pluto Guitars, Basix, Paiste, Hohner, Hartke Amps, and many more.


Rivera Digitec (I) Pvt. Ltd. was established in Mumbai, in 1997 to serve Indian Music Industry, especially the Musicians  of the world leading Musical Instrument brand from Japan ROLAND . In India they have a wide network of sales offices i.e in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta, Chennai and Indore. Roland has a complete solution of all musicians needs. It has introduced “ism” which is assisted by lessons with original teaching material. “ism” stands for “Intelligent System of Music”. Rivera is marketing high end professional audio –video products from Roland System Group  Roland is a leader in the field of broadcast and professional Video Equipment starting from video mixers, visual performance, field recorders and video editing software/hardware..Through the development and support of video and audio products, they endeavor to improve workflow and maximize creative possibilities across a variety of markets.

Markets they serve include Broadcast • Education • Live Production • Theatre • Videography • Visual Performance • Worship.

TRINITY INDIA- Musee Musical Pvt Ltd.

For anything to do with music instruments, books, lessons, exams Musee Musicals is the ideal place to go. The place has been around for many years, and recently underwent a complete make over. They now have two floors of browsing space, to look at the best names in guitars, pianos, keyboards, flutes, saxophones and numerous other instruments. You could spend hours in their enclosed piano display area, with Steinways, Steinmann’s, Pearl Rivers and other reputed brand names. Besides selling musical instruments, music books and CDs, Musee Musicals also offers their services for teaching music, and they have their music school. They also send people to your homes to shift or tune your pianos. Further, Musee Musicals is the centre for the musical examinations (both theory and practical) held by the Trinity College of Music, London. and Musee Musicals is perfect for all music lovers!



OnStage is an one-stop shop for musicians. OnStage serves professional musicians, the occasional enthusiast, music teachers alike. It currently operates 18 stores across the country and is a constantly growing entity.

The aim being to service musicians from across the country with the best services, products and after sales service. OnStage ensures that all customers experience world class services and products. We have highly skilled and trained professionals working at our retail stores, who are proactive and are well versed with the new products and technology that is introduced time and again. Their management is a fine blend of youth and experience, with drive and enthusiasm. Not only does it make available world-class products at affordable prices but also proactively invests in the development of musical knowledge through teacher-training workshops, master classes, clinics, demonstrations, exhibitions and sponsoring of local talent and artists


Indian music is one of the oldest musical tradition in the world where the seven holed flute, various types of stringed instruments and drums were used as manifested in the excavations of Mohenjo Daro and Harappa of Indus Valley Civilization. Rigveda has the element of present Indian music. India’s classical music tradition has history spanning millennia and, developed over several eras, remains fundamental to the lives of Indians today as sources of religious inspiration, cultural expression and pure entertainment. Indian musical instrument used in classical music includes veena, mridangam, tabla, kanjira, tambura, flute, sitar, gottuvadyam, violine and sarangi. With the advent of broadcast media and new technologies to record, capture, reproduce and distribute music in 20th century, music listening has under gone revolutionary changes world wide. Music was no longer limited to concerts and clubs, it became possible for music artists to quickly gain fame nationwide and sometimes worldwide. Conversely, the audience were able to be exposed to a wider range of music than ever before. Music performance became increasingly visual with broadcast and recording of music videos, films and concerts. Galaxy Digital Pvt. Ltd. aims to take Indian music to another level!


Reemal Investrade Company is a leading dealer of Musical Instruments in Opera House region of Mumbai. Reemal Investrade Company deals in all types of Musical Instrument like Digital Musical Instrument, Guitars, etc. They also take large corporate orders for Musical Instruments and can negotiate upon prices for large orders. Reemal Investrade Company provides good after sales service on sold Musical Instrument. They are situated at 404 Congress House, Near Grant Road, V P RD,Opera House and  can be contacted by email or phone through this listing. Reemal Investrade Company are engaged in business of Musical Instrument since many years.  

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