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Bollywood composer Abhishek Ray is well known for his tracks on movies like Paan Singh Tomar, Saheb Biwi aur Gangster and Welcome Back.

But what people do not know about this man is his passion for wildlife. He recently bought a hill and converted it into a wildlife sanctuary. He also is a certified tiger and leopard tracker. Here is an episode that shows his immense passion for wildlife:

“Two years ago, as music composer Abhishek Ray strolled through his estate, he stopped dead in his tracks when he came across a tigress. She was lying in the grass, bathing in the moonlight.

As he approached, she looked at him skeptically, but then lay back down. Ray had the rare opportunity to take photographs. “After half an hour went by, she casually turned around and showed me her back,” he recalls. “No wild animal would ever drop its guard completely in front of a human at night and turn its back to him unless that animal has implicit trust in the human,” he says. “This moment gave me the power and belief that lets me fight many hindrances that life throws my way,” he adds.”

He loves both of what he does. He turns to wildlife and nature when he’s had enough of his commercial life in Bollywood. He says being a wildlife traveler helps him compose his music too. . “I could have never composed for a film locked in time and geography like Paan Singh Tomar, had I been just an urban composer producing music from a studio.”

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