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Mantras to stir the soul

‘Madhur Mantras’ is a Devotional Album with world-music elements by Sanjay.C and Rajalakshmee and is supposed to exhibit the healing effect of music in a contemporary fashion.

The Indian Classical Ragas were said to possess therapeutic effects by Vedic Sciences on the mind, body and soul. Madhur Mantras aims to soothe your senses away from a world of anxiety, pain and fear. The duo who have worked with the likes of Ilayaraja and A.R Rahman, exhibited their influences ranging from electronica, devotional, glitch, orchestral and most importantly indian classical music. Though it may not be among the cream of healing music albums such as Kosmic Music’s Sacred Chants, it will count as a decent collector’s cd.

Score’s 5 point quick take:

Our favourite track

The Highlight
The album does not fail to impress with its relentless carnatic spirit and Rajalakshmee’s angelic vocals teeming in from time to time.

The Let down
Overload of styles and genres dilute the mystical feel of the songs

The Last Stand
Not really world music at all. Buy if you’re up for Contemporary Devotional music.

The Score Score

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