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Mallika Mehta’s Hindi debut Kahan Hai Tu is a somber meditative pop song: Score Indie Reviews

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Mumbai-based songstress Mallika Mehta has already proved her prowess
in singing English pop songs with her previous discography. But with
Kahan Hai Tu, she marks her debut as a Hindi singer and she sounds good
enough. A bittersweet song thematically set against the mood of a mellow
rain, Mehta croons for a loved one and yearns for them to come back.
Produced beautifully by Shivang Arora, the track is one of those musical
pieces that sound sad but still provide a calming feeling to the listeners.

Mehta’s vocals shine throughout and her balanced, composed control over
her voice just bears testimony to her professionalism. The chorus, in particular where Mehta repeats ‘Kahan Hai Tu’ is effortlessly catchy. The lyrics are easily to comprehend so listeners can even unconsciously sing to themselves after a few listening sessions.

The overall sound of the song is such that it can appeal to die-hard followers of the Indian indie scene as well as audiences that are more inclined towards Bollywood songs. Mallika Mehta’s versatility is such that
she has enough mettle to sings songs that suit both of the aforementioned

In the end, Arora’s production and Mehta’s vocals both are of high quality.
That much is evident even if the song in itself evokes themes that aren’t
new; many similar sounding songs have been made in the independent
music space.

In such a scenario, what sets Kahan Hai Tu apart is of course Mehta’s own
presence in the track. Her voice is such that people can instantly identify
her; we can wait for a few more songs from her and she would succeed at
building such a brand. The very fact that she has started singing in Hindi
too indicates the possibilities of an increase in her listener audience.

Verdict: Kahan Hai Tu benefits strongly from Mallika Mehta’s soothing vocals.

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