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Madonna releases ‘Girl gone wild’

Madonna goes wild with her new single, yet again.

Madonna released her second single ‘Girl gone wild’ on monday thus proving that blondes do have all the fun. 

The single is from her upcoming album, cleverly called MDNA, which is all set to release on March 26.

A classic Madonna like dance number, Girl gone wild has her crooning about the dance floor and being hot and heavy about the business of getting down.

The music is a loopy synth filled dancy affair, which makes you picture her standing in the middle of the dance floor jabbing a bony finger in the air and instructing couples how to gyrate effectively under a disco ball. However, what really kills the song are the garishly clichéd lines like “Girl gone wild” and “Girls just wanna have fun”. Was the girl too busy going wild to consider some semblance of creativity and not to mention originality. 

Halfway through the track you wonder if it’s time that Madonna starts referring to herself as a woman rather than a girl. And then lie down a little instead of all that perky dancing. Although the track seems pretty heated, she should consider getting out of the Hard candy character and maybe moving on to something less over the top. 

Dance or cringe. This can go either way.

[youtube_video id=qBMiYJ7kzbI]

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