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Madmast – Ae Dil: Score Indie Reviews

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Madmast is a very exciting musical project and an amazing set of musicians. They are a Hindi / Urdu Independent rock band from Mumbai, formed in 2017. They have recently released their  fantastic debut single “Ae Dil” on all platforms and that’s what we are reviewing here.

“Ae Dil” is about a journey to find peace within ourselves. The video of the song (shot and directed by Semicolon films) focuses on a child’s journey into adulthood under duress and mental trauma because of the situation / abuse she faces at home. And how towards the end by just letting go she finally makes peace with herself and her past. 

Here’s what the band had to say about their debut release: “Ae Dil is a song about pulling yourselves out of the hole, it’s a song about not giving up, and we as a society need this kind of music more than ever at this time, when everyone is really looking for positivity and hope.”

“Ae Dil” is about a journey to find light, which is not at the end of the tunnel, it’s the light within ourselves. It’s about forgiveness and making peace with our past in order to be at peace today. It’s a dialogue that most of us have had with ourselves. It’s a prayer when times are tough, it’s a reassurance that it’ll be fine eventually.

“Ae Dil” is a fantastic song on mental health awareness. It stands out because of its individuality and the finesse of execution is a pleasant surprise from a debut single.

The track stays engaging throughout its run time and always wows its listeners with its beautifully crafted musical parts. It is quite impressive and immersive.

“Ae Dil” features rhythms that push both hard and soft, sung beautifully with an approach that never feels inaccessible or out of place. Madmast’s fantastic songwriting and alluring style underline the band’s considerable talent. “Ae Dil” is a stunning debut and a sign of even more wonderful things to come.

Verdict: A Fabulous Start

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