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Maati Baani set to create Music without Borders!

Maati Baani launches a new one of its kind global collaboration called The Music Yantra.  The project will be a one-of- a-kind series where Maati Baani uses the power of technology to create unique music with 50 Indian and international artists from 20 countries across the world.


The idea of The Music Yantra arose from Maati Baani’s strong belief that music has the power to transcend differences, be it cultures, languages, or geographies. Through their journey, they have discovered, appreciated and celebrated the sounds of little-known but exquisite musicians from different corners of the globe. They took it upon themselves to introduce these fresh, nomadic instruments and voices to the wider audience. Thus,  The Music Yantra was born. ‘Yantra’ is the term for a mystical diagram in Indian religion that is believed to have magical powers. Drawing from that metaphor, the name refers to the magic of unheard sounds, rare instruments and raw talent from across cultures coming together to create spellbinding sounds and rhythms.

Maati Baani brought this idea to life by merging the power of music and technology, making it one of the biggest remote music collaborations in the world. They utilized the mediums of the Internet and social media to fulfil their vision of working with the finest talent out there, no matter what their geographical locations. Right from contacting musicians, conducting rehearsals, recording tracks and shooting videos, the entire creative process was coordinated online from different parts of the world and put together in the band’s studio.

Hence, as ‘Yantra’ is also the Sanskrit word for “instrument or tool”, the name also alludes to using these modern-day tools of technology to create music that can be described in three, simple words: borders no bar.

Now, The Music Yantra is all set to take the global music scene by storm with its eclectic melodies. The series will produce six songs, which are a potpourri of musical genres like Func, Jazz, Electro, Rock, Blues, and R&B, with Indian classical and folk music remaining the protagonist. Each song is completely unique in its theme, sounds and visuals, promising to take viewers on a scintillating musical journey around the world.

Catch the music Promo:

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