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Lucky Ali back on the road with Rasta Man

After a six year long hiatus, singer-songwriter Lucky Ali is back in 

After a six year hiatus, singer-songwriter Lucky Ali is back in the music scene with the launch of his new Album, “Rasta Man” at Mumbai yesterday.

If you haven’t been following him religiously, then you probably do not know of the crooner’s digital album Xsuie which he released online after a five year long vow of silence. “Rasta man” a kind of edition de luxe of Xsie, with seven new songs adding the albums original four.   With this collection, the crooner has styled himself into a troubadour of sorts, setting off a road-show through the Indian heartland keyed to begin this September, and scheduled to run through the next three months. He’ll be playing at Raipur, Nagpur, Lucknow, Mumbai and Bangalore belting out performances through the next three months. Expect awesomeness.

[youtube_video id=yOr-zjkv1rA] 


Lucky Ali talks of the secrets of life and the universe and everything at his album launch

The husky voiced singer, who once was the object of undying affection of every girl in my school, has a deeply philosophical take on his life and his music. He defines Xsuie ( which is urdu for “at your own pace”) as a search for his own identity, musical and otherwise. “Rasta man” ( which, for you phoren readers, means man of the road) promises to be a deeper exploration of the man’s restless wanderlust.

At Mumbai’s J. W. Marriot, on his album launch, the now graying man talked of his path through life, about divergence and resurgence. Not typical, no. But then, nothing about the ex oil-rig worker and ex horse-breeder and current organic farmer is quite typical. He released a promisingly lucrative album on the youtube because it was the “greener” option. He started his own label- Lucky Ali entertainment, instead of signing a record deal.  He wants his children to grow up to be farmers. So whatever this album is, with his voice and his outlook, I think it is a foregone conclusion that it will not be your run of the mill ballads.

UTV is the official music partner to make the album available across various mediums. Ovations India is the producer and host while Buenos Entertainment has been chosen to support Ovations on sales.

The tour begins on September and happens on Fridays and Sundays through to November, in 25 cities across south and central India.

So keep watching this space, we’ll have more Lucky Ali awesomeness as it happens.  


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