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Ten Love Songs that are not absolutely straight.

Some songs are meant to be sung by well-oiled adonises with untrimmed chest hair whilst a ravishing beauties tremulously, yet picturesquely, swoon around them. But other songs, no less bitchin’, are always hummed low-key, and end suddenly as realization dawns upon the singer. All I’m sayin’, some songs are a little bit gay.

Here’s a list of those songs that remain sweetly in that unconfirmed territory between Symphony of Destruction and I Wanna Hold Your Hand. Please note, here gay= saccharine sweet, because here at the score we swing in all ways possible.

Here’s a list of my favourite songs that may be a little bit not straight, but just the right amount:

10. The Corrs – Runaway

I would never be able to sing and compose love songs with my siblings, or anyone for that matter. Especially if the lyrics comprise of  the phrases ‘never going to stop falling in love with you’ and ‘make love to me through the night’. But The Corrs seem to have no problem with this and they’ve created a ballad that makes you slightly envy the person Andrea Corr seems to love so much. Although I do like this song, nay, love this song, I would look around before I sung it out loud from the fear of being overly smitten by someone. Listen to it. Hate it or love it. 

[youtube_video id=1_lfpr9bT7k]

9. The Fray – Look After You

This balladic song is one of my all time favourites. Try not to call it gay. If I were a lovestruck heterosexual boy, this is probably how I’d feel about the girl the cupid shot me over. If I were a love struck homosexual boy though, I’d feel the same.

If you don’t feel the lyrics, you could definitely feel the music. Because if you listened to the way Isaac Slade plays that piano you could not complain. Before you listen to this song and judge though, keep in mind that The Fray is also that awesome band who came up with the song ‘How to save a life’ that has achieved Platinum status. 

[youtube_video id=1iYOOuJLuaY] 

8. Snow Patrol – Set the fire to the third bar

The lyrics of this song possess the magic of being very meaningful and loving without becoming an overly cheesy risotto. If you know what a long distance relationship is like this song is for you. Boys that do not want to dedicate ‘Hey there Delilah’ to their LDR girlfriends, dedicate this one. 

[youtube_video id=bfa9yxCpWoA]

7. Alanis Morisette – Head over feet

This song is the epitome of how I would express myself if I fell in love unsuspectingly with most unlikely boy. But even saying so I have it in good authority that no boy would let me sing this to them. Because the notes require that melodious country drawl that Alanis Morisette has and I most definitely don’t.

[youtube_video id=iBgP44KEf3Q]

6. Mat Kearney – Hey Mama

Most girls who hope to fall in love some day would envision the man of their dreams to feel what this song sings. Especially if he had Mat Kearney’s beard and eyes. Apart from having the most adorable lyrics this song has a very snap-clap beat going on. I would have never wanted to be called ‘Mama’ but this song has made me reconsider this. Kearney sings ‘Hey Mama’ in a very non-Black Eyed Peas kind of way that is most appealing. If you listen to it you’d have to agree.

[youtube_video id=L9qUMr6feOI]

Tune in tomorrow for the top five!

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