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Karmic Blues + Krimson Blend on ScoreNight

Don’t miss this week’s ScoreNight featuring modern jazz act Karmic Blues along with Krimson Blend, a soulfull acoustic duo.

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There comes a time when the melodic swing of 60’s Blues meets the immovable ideas of Carnatic music. Such a time witnessed the birth of Karmic Blues!!

Karmic Blues is a progressive Blues / Jazz band formed by guitarist Vishnu R, towards the end of 2009. The band has carved a niche for itself, for its diversity and virtuosity in incorporating Carnatic music into the existing Blues vibe. The band is notable for its technical approach to rhythms, and melodic phrasing. A project that began as a 3 piece band looking to break the cliché of rock and roll, and bring to the youngsters nuances of Indian music and jazz in a way that is more appreciable by them, has collaborated globally with some of the biggest names in Modern Jazz. Come, experience the freshest of sounds yet!

[youtube_video id=XmAtUMlFax4]

An exerpt from Karmic Blues’ Global Fusion live at Samaagama Festival, 2011.





Prithvi Chandrasekhar, a Berklee exponent and the proprietor of Krimson Avenue Studios, is a talented pianist and brings with him a variety of influences with a strong grounding in western classical music. 

Vandana Srinivasan made her foray into the music scene early last year after graduating from the LSE, London. She is a trained vocalist and a playback singer drawing from the Indian traditions of Hindustani and Carnatic music. 

Krimson Blend is a two piece outfit formed by Prithvi and Vandana. As a duo, their forte lies in Acoustic music.


[youtube_video id=8Py_82d2wOc]



Recording at the whacky Krimson Avenue Studios!






















How to PUT IT for Karmic Blues and Krimson Blend:

  • The Show is scheduled to happen in Star Rock at The Spring Hotel on Friday, October 5th.
  • The Show starts at 8:30 PM, so get there by 8 PM.
  • Passes priced at INR 250/– each.
  • These passes are first come, first serve so make sure you get yours at the earliest.
  • Please call or text to +91 95000 12975 or +91 98415 27096 to make reservations!
  • Club rules apply so make sure you have shoes on!

Buy your tickets online and get a 10% discount :


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