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Kanishk & Kavita Seth – Ki Jaana: Score Indie Reviews

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With two TEDx talks, numerous award nominations, an international film and 100+ live concerts, Kanishk Seth’s musical journey began at a tender age. Born into an illustrious musical family, Kanishk has composed, produced and sung songs for both feature films and independent music.

He is also the brainchild behind ‘Trance With Khusrow’ the world’s first Sufi-Electronic/Trance album that was nominated alongside Oscar winner A. R. Rahman’s album in the best fusion category at the Great Indian Music Academy Awards.

Juxtaposing modern electronic music with Indian undertones, he has come out with his singles “Aane Ko Hai Khaab”, “Rangi Saari”, “Jhinjhoti” that have beautifully complimented its poetry-style lyrics and some really eye-catching visuals. A catchy contrast is ‘Mahi’- his recent collaboration with Lost Stories and Sufi singer Kavita Seth that was released through Spinnin’ Records and Dharma Worldwide.

His band, The Kanishk Seth Trio performs a blend of the soulful Sufi & Electronic music that often ushers the audience into a state of trance.

Kanishk and Kanika Seth have released their latest single “Ki Jaana”. The duo has married Baba Bullehshah’s timeless poetry with Sufi-electronic sounds. Let’s find out how it has all turned out.

“Ki Jaana”, a Sufi poem by Baba Bullehshah talks about self exploration and expressing love for the almighty. Renowned Bollywood and Sufi singer Kavita Seth along with her son, Music Composer, Producer & Indie-Electronic artist Kanishk Seth blend the traditional with electronic music and present a catchy yet refreshing version. 

“There is something really divine and uplifting whenever I compose and produce Baba Bullehshah’s sufi poetry in a contemporary way. I’m really excited for people to experience Ki Jaana as it offers another collaboration with my mother and a unique amalgamation of Indian and Electronic music with eye-pleasing animated visuals by Lebanon based visual artist 

Dana Durr ”, says Kanishk Seth. 

“Working with Kanishk has always been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my musical journey. We released a single last year in the lockdown and now taking our love to make soulful music a step further with Ki Jaana. The words are timeless and the music composed and produced by Kanishk elevates it beautifully. All I can say is I am a proud mother and a content artist with this one”, says Kavita Seth. 

The mother-son duo has always shown incredible chemistry in all of its releases so far, and “Ki Jaana” has more of that goodness. Their different styles work very well together and they seem to be feeding off each other. They also seem to know their music very well. Perhaps hinting at a good amount of academic research. It manifests itself perhaps through the version chosen and the arrangements made to bring it to life. The mix of tunes works like magic. The fact that this fusion works so well shows how at home Kanishk and Kavita Seth are with their respective styles. 

“Ki Jaana” also has a delicate yet robust touch to its production value. It isn’t overdone in terms of arrangement or recording. The track features finely tuned artists who are completely in sync and through this track, are creating a new way forward for traditional music.

Verdict: Fantastic.

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