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Kailasa’s New Video IS HERE!

We’ve been stalking them for a while now & it has paid off! Check out the first track off Rangeele!

It’s an endearing video with Kailasa i.e Kailash, Naresh & Paresh, jamming and asking the common man in his many colours to join in! It is a laidback intro to their latest project and not a thunderous guess-who’s-back startout as one would expect after a 3 year hiatus.

[youtube_video id=P7EWYo4exDs]

What’s to like?

The opinion with regard to Kailash Kher’s voice is unanimous when he is deemed brilliant. What one hears is a well-trained, heavily classical voice. But he delivers effortlessly with the required casual undertone making the song, infact,only seemingly simple. The nuances that creep in are just so right & not an overplaying of vocal strengths.

The jazzy acoustic vibe with light harmonies juxtaposed with Kher’s strong Hindustani voice actually works! This is a kind of track that one can certainly do justice to live – rare feature of 21st century music!

The well though out music video! This is a field with so much potential that really should be tapped again! Kudos to the actor, who is quite truly a reflection of how light hearted and happy this song is.

What’s your take on the song & the video? Drop a line in the comments bar  below!

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