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IRIS Home Fragrances presented New Brazilian and Jazz Music Spectacular

IRIS Home Fragrances from Ripple Fragrances, a spatial division of the agarbathies to aerospace conglomerate NR Group (makers of Cycle Pure Agarbathies) recently partnered with ‘Recalling Roots’ for ‘New Brazilian and Jazz Music Spectacular’. The event saw a magnificent musical performance by 7-Strings Guitar and a Family of Flutes at the India Habitat Centre.

The artistes from 7-Strings Guitar and ‘A Family of Flutes’, together presented an energetic acoustic musical show that created a magical experience for the audience. On their 5-day India tour that kicked off from the capital city, the artistes aim to promote the importance of maintaining cross-culture communication in everyday lives and work in this age of instant communication. The five-day tour will further continue in Pune and conclude at Mumbai.

The 7-String Guitar player and composer Daniel Marques hails from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is based in Berlin where he directed the Brazilian Explorative Music Festival. In the US, the press defined his music as “edgy and truly innovative” and in Sweden he had the privilege of performing for the Royal family a few times. Daniel has won major awards in Brazil and abroad.

Mark Alban Lotz, a flute player from ‘A Family of Flutes’ is acclaimed for his restless creativity and for his virtuosity as a musician. By constantly working on and searching for new collaborations and recordings, they have been prodigious in their output. He has worked with an extensive range of artistes over the last two decades, and has built a bridge between jazz and contemporary music, often producing cross-cultural music.

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