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Interview with the band Aswekeepsearching

Shubham Gurung, on behalf of  Modern Post rock band spoke to us about the band, their music, best performance and more in a quick interview.

How did the name aswekeepsearching come about? 

– When we first started out, we were looking/searching for a bassist so we thought why not name the band ‘as we keep searching’ which later down the path changed to the now one word ‘aswekeepsearching’.

What were you guys searching for?

A ‘bassist’ and also some soothing and calming music to fill our ears (at that point of time).

Tell us about your music and what makes it unique?

– Our music is very emotionally instrumental, following the footsteps of the ‘post-rock’ genre but we tried to make it a bit different by introducing ambient vocal layers in Hindi which compliments the instrumentation.

What is the story behind the formation of your band?

– This started out as just an instrumental studio project which surprisingly got very good online response from the people after we released ‘The Tattva’, in which we collaborated with various session musicians then. So we thought why not continue doing what we are doing and evolve this ‘studio project’ to a live one. Slowly but surely it grew to what we are now, a four piece act, aswekeepsearching.

Your band is known for expressing emotions and live experiences. Which has been the most special composition till date and why?

– The most special composition(s) for us personally would be the tracks ‘Reminiscence’ and ‘Kalga’ from our upcoming album Zia, since it perfectly describes the journey of the band and the emotional/physical ups and downs while being together so far.

Any artist/ band you guys would like to collaborate with and why?

– Caspian, 65daysofstatic, This Will Destroy You, Tycho since all of these artists have made a huge impact on the way we ourselves compose and listen to the whole ‘instrumental’ realm.

Which has been the best performance for you as a band till date?

– NH7 Weekender, Shillong.

As a band, which has been your best jamming session till now and why?

– Well there hasn’t been a particular jam session that has stood out as being the best since every time we practice, it’s like a stepping stone to improve ourselves as being a better band ‘live’.

What inspires/motivates you to make music?

– Any or all the life experiences that we have, in general.

Tell us about your upcoming projects.

– As of now we released our new album ‘Zia’ on 28th of April, along with an album launch tour.

Read the interview in our May 2017 issue:


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