Last year around this time, Vogue Empower came up with a video starring Deepika Padukone. That video made news, not just for the message of women empowerment and freedom it advocated, but for all the ‘controversial’ statements it made regarding the limits of one’s choices: personal, social, moral, economical or otherwise. The otherwise excellently made video lost out on mass acceptance due to obvious reasons.

Here, we bring to you another video that carries much the same message about women empowerment, assertion and freedom. But it does so more subtly. It does not put into words, but what it says is rather heard through its music, seen through the video and then inferred.

This video by ‘Being Indian Music’ talks about women empowerment and choice: be it in something as stereotypically feminine as pampering themselves with selfies, or something otherwise masculine as playing cricket. The difference is, it trashes the serious debates about feminism in the bin as it does so!

This video celebrates being a woman, in the true sense of celebration: with some peppy music, mirth and lots of endearing smiles.

Watch the video here and see for yourself what makes this attempt a special and unique one at unraveling a message which is as unique and special, and most importantly, subtle.

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