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An interesting fact about your favorite song Kala Chasma

The super peppy and fun song that is creating awesome vibes and right now at the top of your playlist has an interesting story behind it. We are talking about none other than Kala Chasma.

Shera, 43, a native of Talwandi Chaudhrian village near Jalandhar, is glad that his song, written in 1990, has made it to Bollywood, but says that he had no idea that it would feature in a movie.

Shera had written the song as a ninth-grader, when he was 15. He approached many singers at the time with his songs.

“Amar Arshi (singer of the song) then took the song ‘Kala Chashma’ and performed it at a function in England. A company there released the song in England and it became a huge hit.”

Listen and groove to this super amazing song right here


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