Jeff Buckley has given us some brilliant covers of our favorite songs. A pair of design studios, Interactive and Blind, released something of a novelty with Jeff Buckley’s ‘Just Like a Woman’. Now we have two great reasons to love his version of the song.

The video is not just your regular animated video. It has not 1, not 2, but 1 sexdecillion (one with 51 zeroes after it) versions of the same clip, each showing a different story!

It is an interactive video, where the users can click on the panels to change the story as the song progresses. “The selections also develop the music: While the track begins with Buckley’s voice and a guitar, the arrangement can swell to include choir and orchestra, resulting in 16,000 combinations.”

“The goal of this video is for both existing and new fans to enjoy many ways of experiencing the music, and for each individual audience member to return over and over to be involved with the emotion differently each time,” Yoni Block, Interlude CEO and co-founder, said.

Now that’s quite a number of choices for those bored of seeing the same thing every time!

Here is the link: